2 years of Pomm

Posted 6 years ago.

Formerly, it was sfPgLookPlugin, a symfony1 plugin. The 10th January 2011, Pomm's first commit was pushed to Github. Since this day, Pomm has evolved based on the needs of real world projects.

Its first feature -- alongside being an object model manager -- was the converter, because 't' and 'f' were pretty poor boolean in PHP. After that, came the need of being able to deal with custom types hence database objects, data mapper, database inspector, inheritance support and so on.

It is still a great pleasure to use Pomm in today's professional projects. It allows to set up very quickly models based on complex database structures and wrap PHP around Postgresql's features. It has often been a question from people hearing about Pomm for the first time: "Are you saying we should set business logic in the database ?". Of course they are no universal good answer to that, I use to say "It depends how frequently your business rules change". I use to store slugification, password hashing, list ordering in the database because these tend not to change over time and it makes my PHP layer simpler to assume the database is doing the job. This would also work for every application or script using the database.

There are today two versions of Pomm, 1.1 being the latest stable. Thank you to all people who did participate with their feedback, emails, bugs submission or push request. 1.0 version will be maintained for bugs and security issues until 1st of March. The 1.1 version will then be the stable version until a 2.0 version comes out.