2015 is starting with good news

Posted 7 years ago.

The last two weeks have been busy for us to make sure we would be able to announce good news at the very start of 2015. The first one being the talented Nicolas Joseph being part of Pomm team. The second awesome news is that we do now have a bundle for the Symfony framework. We did a lot of rework around Pomm profiler already present in Silex, so the profiler is available de facto with the bundle. The last tremendous news is the profiler is now able to EXPLAIN issued statements on demand.

Query issued to display that very blog post with its database plan picked from the profiler.

The image above shows the query issued to display this blog article with its database plan picked from Pomm's Silex profiler.

What about now ?.

There is still lot of work to be done. Before we could focus on writing user oriented documentation, we do feel it is now time to sit and listen. Because Pomm is open source it does not belong to us but to anybody who needs it and uses it. If you like Pomm, we need to know what was easy and what was not. We would love to hear about what you have done with it. If you had trouble using Pomm, it would be useful for us to understand the cause. If you want to help us, a blog article, even just a tweet mentionning you have used Pomm would help to spray the wor(d|k). If you are a coder and want to make Pomm2 easily usable with other frameworks than Symfony and Silex, contact us, we would be delighted to collaborate. Help us to make the best Postgresql middleware for PHP.