Important bugfix: 1.0.1 is out

Posted 7 years ago.

In order to fix an important bug in the base map class generation, the 1.0.1 is available sooner as expected. The bug was arrays were generated to incorrect types that ware not handled by any converter. Unfortunately the map generator was the only part missing in the test suite. More sad is the fact that the 1.0.0 version was released with this bug.

Another point, there is a new little feature in the PgEntity converter: the _extra field. This is used to handle any extra field that would come with a table composite data in query like shown in this code example. Regardless to this specific feature, it is important to set up a release and version policy at this point. Can extra features be added into a mainstream release? I think not because it makes the documentation obsolete and can introduce side effects in the way the API is used. From now, the 1.0 branch will not include any new feature.

The last point is about PHP namespaces used in the generated map files. The name provided as option to the database constructor (or to the Service class) is used. If not provided, the real database name is used which can lead to problems when different database names are used between the development and the production environments. This name options was implemented but not documented.

With this release, Pomm project is providing the best release so far.