PHPTour Lyon 2014

Posted 5 years ago.

I am happy to announce I will talk at the PHPTour 2014 in Lyon. This the biggest PHP event in France and there will be lot of talented developers and interesting talks. The subject of my talk will be how to leverage Postgresql features in PHP developments.

As Pomm's lead developer, of course, I am thrilled to be able to share my experience about the subject I love but I guess Postgresql attracts more and more community's attention because of the industrialisation of web development. There are already lots of generic blogs, forums, CMS softwares working out of the box today. A lot of them run using Symfony with Doctrine. Now, the step is how to develop business oriented softwares for specific companies hence specific needs. Regarding this, relational databases have a lot to offer and Postgresql has significant advantages over other open source engines. Knowing in advance the database that will power applications makes DBAL is no more an advantage thus it brings more drawbacks than it solves problems.

Why a different approach can make developers still use an object oriented library over a relational world and what are the advantages of this approach? Why SQL is still developers best friend and why Pomm makes PHP & Postgresql a killing duo? See you there.