Pomm 1.0.0 is out !

Posted 7 years ago.

For this special occasion, this shiny new website showed up, great thanks to twitter guys and their bootstrap project, it is really aweswome.

As stated in the previous blog article, Postgresql is a superb relational database system that can let you deal with your data as objects. With that in mind, I started to play with objects and arrays but the converter system quickly showed limitations. The heart of Pomm has been recoded and now, it can handle arrays of objects containing arrays of objects.

The possibilities offered are immense as you still can benefit from the constraint and relational system to get data consistency and in the same time, issue queries that shape your data in a nice way and minimize the PHP complexity. The example of the query that returns the author and all his blog posts in an array illustrate how handy such method is coupled with Pomm converter system.

Even if the converter is one of the best features provided by Pomm, it should not hide others that help you along your developments: Collection and Pager classes, the fields methods, filters, Where class have all been coded because they were needed at one point.

This pragmatic approach makes Pomm the rapid development tool to empower your PHP script with all Postgresql goodnesses. The best being kept for the end, Pomm keeps you as close as possible to de database so your applications are faaaaaaaaaaaaaast whatever you make them in plain PHP or using a framework like Silex or Symfony2.

Take care and enjoy !