Pomm 1.1.0 is available

Posted 6 years ago.

It all started with symfony 1 PgLook plugin 3 years ago. Pomm's first commit was made nearly 2 years ago and today, Pomm 1.1.0 is out.

During this time spent in making Pomm a better Object Model Manager, the initial idea that was lurking under years of practice of ORMs and PDO sprung up. Relational databases have been made to manipulate sets of data. By definitions sets are extendible and are hard to fit in the OOP world were classes must be defined and typed. Pomm now comes with a rich API that provides fields selector methods and formatters so programmers can shape sets using Postgres unique features and hydrate them into PHP objects.

Pomm 1.1 features Postgresql 9.2 range and json type support. The HStore support has been greatly enhanced, you can really use HStore to save any PHP associative arrays as long as they contain strings. Collections fetched from the database can be easily exported to array to ease php's Json transformation needed when coding a web service ... There are a lot more features coming with this release, all born from the pragmatic necessity of real life projects.

Programmers are able to leverage the power of their relational database trough using SQL and in the same time benefit from a handy object oriented model manager. Some of them showed enthusiasm, some other gave support, reported bugs and posted pull requests on github. Many thanks to all who did contribute to make Pomm a better software.