Pomm 1.1.2 - Important update, please read below.

Posted 6 years ago.

Pomm 1.1.2 is out. This version fixes 2 bugs. The first one was the Connection instance to create two different map instances -- using the `getMapFor()` method -- depending if the asked corresponding entity class name had leading backslash or not. This fix can speed up things and solve discrepancies that could occur when setting environment dependent changes in map classes.

The second patch (submitted by jeremyFreeAgent) fixes a functional bug in the BaseObject class. Before this patch, as soon as a new getter was written, the attribute was declared to exist using the method `has()`. This behavior allowed inexistent attributes to be deleted using `clear()` that lead to an error.

This behaviour is important because if you imagine the following entity:

The `getMeMore()` getter returns the result of the division of A by B. If this getter is used when B equals 0, it will lead to an unguessable error since `hasMeMore()` would always return true by default. This makes developers to have to implement the corresponding `has` method when extending entities.

Of course this change makes entities base accessors consistent: has(), set(), get(), clear() and add(), only manage values in entities internal container while your accessors do the rest.

But this patch also changes the behavior of entities since calling `has('virtual_accessor')` now returns false even if a `hasVirtualAccessor()` method is declared in the according entity. This can lead to errors in existing applications especially in templates where these kind of tests are the more likely to be found.

It is important to test your existing applications before deploying this release in production. You can set your `composer.json` to point to the 1.1.1 version while you take the time to ensure the change does not trigger any unwanted effects.

Aside of that, Pomm had a very nice welcome from the Symfony live's audience where it has been presented last week and the project's activity has never been that high. Interesting times are ahead.