Pomm 1.2-RC2 is out

Posted 5 years ago.

We are pleased to inform you the "1.2-RC2" release has been tagged last night. It is somehow unusual to see a Release Candidate version to propose new features, but as this shiny new version of Pomm has been tested on development sites, it appeared we were two fingers from some useful functionalities it would have been foolish not to craft Pomm 1.2 with.

One of the most missed features from any other database framework is the Postgresql's asynchronous message system (LISTEN / NOTIFY). This makes programmer able to use the database as event dispatcher to trigger asynchronous and parallel jobs.

Another missing feature was the ability to save several objects in one move. The createAndSaveObjects() map class's method takes an array of value sets, saves it to the database using one INSERT and returns directly a collection of entities. This is particularly handy when dealing with web services or CSV files.

Aside of these functionalities, some bugs were fixed, the test coverage has been extended to include PHP 5.3 and Postgresql from version 9.0. The main documentation has been updated.

Proof readers and testers welcome !