Pomm 1.2-RC3 is out

Posted 5 years ago.

Good news, it sounds final countdown to Pomm 1.2.0 is reaching its end. This third release candidate release proposes a cleaner source code by far, thanks to SensioLabs insight(tm) analysing tool. Although Pomm does not own any medal because of the eval statement in the HStore converter, it provided an deep and accurate analysis of the code that could lead to an efficient refactoring. Without this eval, Pomm would earn a silver medal, this time because of the magic methods that animate the BaseObject as flexible objects. These four points prevent Pomm's code source from being rated platinum. In an other hand, if Pomm followed admitted good practices, it would be an ORM.

Since the RC2:
  • timestamps with time zone are now supported.
  • a new method appeared to handle aliases in the getSelectFields like methods.
  • a new converter for composite types has been implemented.
  • composite types can be converted to objects using an abstract composite type.
  • bugs in the prepared queries placeholder were fixed.
  • code clean up.

It is now time to use it and provide as much feedback as you can. Road to 1.2.0 is open.