Pomm 2.0.0 beta 2 is available

Posted 7 years ago.

We are happy to announce that Pomm 2 beta 2 is available. This new step in Pomm 2 developments is based on numerous feedbacks we had regarding the last release.

First, the flexible entity system has been entirely refactored so one can choose whether or not to use the FlexiblEntity provided with Pomm or to create his own. As we had queries to interface better with JmsSerializer, we wanted a nice way to make the model manager use different kind of entities.

We also felt a kind of misunderstanding because we had requests about making the model manager using POPO object so JmsSerializer could select fields to return (in an API by example) using annotations. This is something we had hard time to figure out because it is the equivalent in PHP of a projection in set theory. As the projection is already handled in the model class for each entity at the database level, there are no needs to do it one more time in the entities.

The inspector client (Foundation) can now display materialized views and foreign tables. We do really think using foreign tables is a very nice way to consume foreign API. Multicorn makes developers able to code handlers for custom API. This way Postgresql becomes the unique interface to access data. Of course it is advised not to use these foreign tables like regular tables as the response time is… slow but this is a nice entry door for data consolidation and Pomm is well suited for that kind of things.

The CLI package also had his moment of attention. The possibility to quickly see the available session builders has been added. This is nice especially when working over several projects with each one their own session name.

Feedback is really important for us because it makes Pomm a better tool and you can help us. Ask us questions, blog your experience with it, even just let us know you are using it. Help us to do the best PHP middleware for Postgresql.