Pomm 2.0.0 RC 3 is out

Posted 6 years ago.

More than one month after the latest Release Candidate, here is the last version before Pomm 2 gets stable. This release comes with an important number of bug fixes and code arrangements. We want to thank all the people who made the effort of submitting patches or reporting bugs. It did lead us to find tricky bugs and performance improvements.

Even though Pomm2 is not in a stable state yet, it already empowers several web sites in production, some of them new or in replacement of Propel. Feedbacks state a big performance boost after switching to Postgres / Pomm. That’s always a pleasure to hear about your stories with Pomm, it helps us understand your expectations and / or business cases we can not be aware of. Do not hesitate to spread the word or to contact us if you want your story to take place on Pomm’s blog.

What’s up now ? The birth of a documentation took place on PommProject’s github page, no stable release will go out without a comprehensive documentation. We also plan to work on a tutorial, all the ideas are welcome.

Thank you for helping us make Pomm the best tool to work with Postgres.