RC2 is out !

Posted 7 years ago.

Lot of good things happened this week. The first good news is the Model files are now in a namespace containing both database name and schema name to ovoid collision on objects stored in different databases but same schema (public). The way the model files are generated is now completely free, no more mandatory Model\Pomm\Entities. It is your decision to store the model files in a strategic place.

The second good news is the bytea postgresql type now has its own converter. You can store images, sound or whatever in the database and retrieve it through your preferred non ORM. As we are talking about converters, the tsvector type is now associated to String. Theses changes allowed us to generate the model for the Pagila database, one of the sample databases that can be found on PgFoundry. That's a big win because this database uses a lot of Pg features.

The changes in the ScanSchemaTool broke the compatibility in the PommBundle and the Silex PommServiceProvider, so be sure to upgrade them if you upgrade Pomm.

Thanks to Dr Klein for the very valuable work he did. Take care and enjoy !