RC3 is out !

Posted 7 years ago.

Happy new year faithful reader !

This release comes from some good developers had a look at Pomm's principles and design. The most important change concerns entity classes:

  • They are now fully structure agnostic. They do not know what are the fields stored in the database nor what is their primary key as it is the Map's job to do so.
  • Direct access to attributes triggers accessor overloads if they exist.
  • The get() accessor now accepts array of attributes as parameter.

All these changes came from what we thought the best use of Pomm with sf2 form component was. Aside of that, a new Inspector class is born to relieve Tools classes from tedious queries and make them available for your own tools by example. Now more than ever Pomm needs to be tested on small projects, prototypes so we can expect a stable release ... soon :) Take care.