The final cut

Posted 7 years ago.

I thought Pomm was ready to go for stable release but I has a feeling maybe something was missing. I was wrong, there was too much. As I stated in this blog article, Postgresql can manage your tables as objects:

This syntax is so powerful it makes use of ORMs almost useless with Postgresql as you can shape you queries to retrieve related objects directly. To benefit from this, I introduce the virtual fields feature in the latest commit. This makes you able to associate a select extra field with a converter, even an entity converter. In the example below, adding a virtual field named posts associated with a Post[] entity converter will automatically hydrate your Author instance with an array of Post under the posts accessor.

This means I will work on updating the documentation and the tutorials using this feature in place of the remote fields. Adding the virtual fields feature was something like 5 lines of code and it makes the remote collection obsolete. This code will disappear from the next release, it is always good to see when adding just a bit of code can reduce the code size.

Stay tuned, more to come soon.