pomm The Postgresql object model manager for PHP

Pomm is an open source database access framework. Pomm is not an ORM, it is an Object Model Manager.
It offers an alternative approach than ORM to using database in object oriented web developments.

Tired of your ORM limitations ?

ORM enforce an object oriented pattern into the relational world. This implementation added to an abstraction layer strangle the database and let the developers with clumsy structures as only architecture options. This leads to complex, slow and expensive processes to transform data upon business needs.

Pomm fits Postgresql relational pattern in an object oriented API. This makes developers to benefit from Postgresql awesome features and performances while getting the data shaped in a way that keeps business processes simple.

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Some key features
➥ Faster than any ORM
➥ Object oriented model layer
➥ Native conversion of almost all Postgres types (HSTore, composite types…)
➥ Unrestricted access to SQL if needed (with query helpers)
➥ Database structure introspection tools
➥ LISTEN / NOTIFY Postgresql asynchronous messaging support

Official documentation Howto Tutorial find help
Pomm 1.2 documentation | API
Install Pomm
Pomm in few steps
Code examples
IRC: irc.freenode.net #pomm
Mailing list

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