The Postgresql object model manager for PHP

Pomm is an open source database access framework in PHP dedicated to the Postgresql™ database. It offers an alternative approach than ORM to using database in web developments.

Pragmatic approach

Tired of your ORM limitations ?
Since 6 years, Pomm sets the database at developers fingertips without the arduousness of an abstraction layer.
It grants developers with unlimited access to SQL and database features while proposing a high level API.

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Efficient & easy

Be productive in a matter of seconds.
With its client oriented kernel, Pomm2 gives an easy access to powerful Postgresql features. It also proposes a CLI tool to help developers inspect database structures and generate mapping classes.
Using a modular distribution is the best way to comply with everyone's way of doing the things.

Enterprise ready

On the shoulders of giants
Pomm is dedicated to let developers the full usage of Postgresql™, the most advanced open source database.
It has a comprehensive documentation and modules to be used with Symfony™. Pomm2 complies with PSR-2, semver standards and proposes a controlled cycle of releases.


On the fly type conversion
UUID, geometric types
HStore, arrays
inet, JSON etc.

Object oriented entities
Unlimited access to SQL
Iterators on results
Embedded entities

Postgresql to the fingertips
Transactions and savepoints
Multiple inheritance

Crafted with tools
Database introspection
Code generators
Condition builder
See how it works…


Pomm 2.0 API
Pomm 2.0 Foundation
Pomm 2.0 Model Manager
Pomm 2.0 Cli
Pomm 1.2 documentation | API
IRC: #pomm
Mailing list